SLRRRP Shots Aisle Merchandiser

SLRRRP Shots wanted to create an impactful free-standing merchandising unit to help drive secondary display opportunities and brand visibility in the store aisle. They required strong visual branding, easy merchandising and an impactful brand presentation.​

The Fixture Zone responded by designing a custom free-standing unit with strong branding and a small footprint that could be easily displayed in high traffic locations. The final unit combined metal and wire construction with printed, durable graphics. ​

  • High impact brand graphics​
  • Gravity fed shelving​
  • Small footprint​

SLRRRP Shots Gondola Hero

SLRRRP Shots wanted to create a hero display unit to draw shelf attention of shoppers in-aisle. The unit was required to work with standard grocery gondola shelves and provide a low-cost way to drive high visibility.​

The Fixture Zone created a custom wire display unit with integrated brand graphics as an economical complement to on-shelf placement.

  • Hero product merchandiser to complement shelf inventory​
  • Compatible with US Standard grocery gondola shelving​
  • Integrated brand graphics​

Calypso Beverage Mobile Merchandiser

King Juice Company wanted a mobile merchandising unit for front-end placement of its Calypso Lemonade and Limeade beverage line. The goal was to provide effective merchandising of its broad product line with strong branding and visual appeal to draw shopper attention.

The Fixture Zone designed, developed and produced a high impact mobile merchandiser with gravity fed shelves and a total capacity of 20 cases that carries a small footprint. The display’s locking casters make relocating the display easy and convenient.​

  • High impact brand graphics​
  • Custom gravity-fed shelving designed to fit Calypso bottles​
  • 20-case merchandising capacity​
  • Heavy duty locking casters for mobility​

Calypso Beverage Skinny Floorstand

As a complement to their branded 20-case mobile merchandiser for Calypso Lemonade and Limeade, King Juice wanted a free-standing compact display for retailers needing both a smaller footprint and less inventory.​

The Fixture Zone created a four-case free-standing merchandiser with high impact, colorful branding to meet Calypso’s requirements. ​

  • High impact brand graphics​
  • Custom gravity-fed shelving designed to fit Calypso bottles​
  • 4-case merchandising capacity​
  • Stable metal base​

Gatorade Zero Cooler Attractor

Gatorade needed to draw attention in cooler displays to support the introduction of Gatorade Zero. The program needed to be flexible to different merchandising requirements, durable in cooler environments and low cost.​

The Fixture Zone developed a simple, easily installed LED branding unit in multiple configurations from design to delivery. ​

  • High impact branding​
  • LED lights to draw attention​
  • Printed PVC construction for durability​


{Bruce and Charles - We appreciate all the help and service that your company has given us!
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Penny, America's Thrift Stores
{The Fixture Zone was with us every step in the process, from quoting and requoting to maintaining timelines to offering multiple options on delivery from Air Freight to Container options. They even offered to help us on Air Freight to meet our projected timelines for in-store install. The Fixture Zone’s Goal was always to deliver on our projected timeline even with multiple roadblocks. Charles has always been very transparent, open and honest when it comes to pricing, negotiating and keeping us completely in the loop at all times in our ever-changing new world of supply chain issues with overseas manufacturing and freight. He is also always proactive on looking out for the next steps and keeping our timeframe in mind when I get overloaded with other projects and go dark on him. I depend on him for that. I highly recommend The Fixture Zone for any display/point of purchase project you might have.
The Fixture Zone
Lori Silva
{"We've been doing business with these guys for years. It is easy to see that they truly care about their customer. I recommend them to all of my clients!"
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Tyler Gefroh
{"Charles is the man! Helped me with my product racks for my phone charging cases. He’s always willing to go up and above... he even took me out for sushi at Harumi because I’m a valued client. I’ll always go with The Fixture Zone for any of my display products!!"
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Jason Cullen
{"I'm so glad I know about this place! Erik was prompt, courteous and professional. I couldn't find shoe mirrors for an event ANYWHERE and not only were the prices great, but he even worked with me over the phone to make sure my items were delivered overnight. Really exceptional service and products all around. Our agency has found a preferred vendor in The Fixture Zone! Thank you!"
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